Honorarium Policy

Doctobuzz Honorarium Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of this honorarium policy is to establish clear guidelines for compensating doctors and healthcare professionals (HCPs) participating in surveys conducted by Doctobuzz.

2. Eligibility

Participation in surveys and eligibility for honorarium are subject to the following criteria:

  • The participant must be a registered member of Doctobuzz.
  • Only qualified doctors and healthcare professionals are eligible to participate.
  • Participants must complete the survey in its entirety to qualify for the honorarium.

3. Honorarium Amount

The honorarium amount will be determined based on the complexity and duration of the survey. Doctobuzz reserves the right to adjust honorarium amounts based on survey-specific criteria. The honorarium amount will be mentioned on the email invitation.

4. Payment Method

Honorarium payments will be made via Amazon gift cards, and sent to participants via email. Payments will be processed after 5-6 weeks following the survey completion.

5. Frequency of Payments

Honorarium payments will be processed within 5-6 weeks after survey completion. Participants will be notified of payment processing and can expect to receive their Amazon gift cards via email.

6. Survey Disqualification

Doctobuzz reserves the right to disqualify participants from surveys for any of the following reasons:

  • Incomplete survey responses
  • Duplicate entries
  • Ineligible participation
  • If the respondent is disqualified due to lack of eligibility.

Disqualified participants will not be eligible for the honorarium.

7. Payment Rejection

Honorarium payments may not be processed if the client rejects survey responses due to reasons such as:

  • Bad open-ended responses
  • Speeding through the survey
  • Providing irrelevant answers

Participants will be notified in case of payment rejection, and the honorarium will not be issued in such cases.

8. Policy Updates

This honorarium policy is subject to periodic review and updates. Any changes will be communicated to participants through the Doctobuzz platform.

9. Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns related to honorarium payments, participants can contact the Doctobuzz support team at support@doctobuzz.com